Is Therapy Right For You?

Cherie Kitchell  

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"My experience in working with clients of all backgrounds, sexual orientation, and presenting problems has given me a great respect for the ability of individuals to make the choice to transform their lives."

    In over 30 years of practice as a psychotherapist working with adults and couples, I have developed a practical, compassionate and collaborative approach combining perspectives and techniques from many different psychotherapeutic orientations. In my view, the establishment of connection, trust and a feeling of being heard is the most essential element for successful outcome of the therapeutic process. 

    Emphasis is always placed upon personal growth and empowerment with an expectation that the client has it within her or himself what is necessary for change but may need help tapping into and developing that potential. Your understanding of contributing factors to the presenting situation, learning to identify and manage feelings and development of coping skills and tools is always a central focus. 

    My comfortable office is located 2 miles off the Beltway across the street from Kings Park Shopping Center where Burke, Springfield and Annandale meet. Day and evening office hours are available. Tele-therapy appointments are also available for clients who cannot make it to the office. 


  During the first session the focus will be on determining what brings you to therapy along with exploration of personal and family history, underlying medical or biochemical issues and any other significant factors. From then on, we work together to develop a plan determining the focus and goals of therapy and the frequency of sessions.


In my experience, successful therapy is best accomplished in a relationship of trust, respect and teamwork. Clients approach this process with varying goals and needs. It may be resolution of a crisis, help with a life or developmental challenge, a broken relationship or long standing issues that have formed a personality style and view of the world. Therapy can be brief with the goal of symptom relief or crisis resolution or more long term with the goal of significant change in outlook and interpersonal relationships. A safe, compassionate space with a strong connection between the therapist and the client, is essential for growth.

Is Therapy Right For You?

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